Officers, Trustees, Members

Trustees and Officers elected to serve are pictured from left, first row:  Pam Bard Steel, Chairman; Michael Shaffer, Vice Chair; Jack Brace, President/CEO; Christopher Walker, Secretary. Second row Trustees are: George G. Brown, Diana Moore Eschhofen, Steven Hess.  Third row Trustees are: Mark Miller, Diana Savage, Karen Gallagher, Jason Beals and Cliff Oberlin. Not pictured are: Jason Kunsman, David Schumm, Tom Turnbull and George Gardner.

Terms Expire in 2020

Jack E. Brace, President/CEO
Pamela Bard Steel, Chairman
Michael A. Shaffer, Vice Chairman
Christopher B. Walker, Secretary
George H. Gardner, Treasurer


Trustees are elected to three-year terms and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

New Trustees

Elected to serve as Trustees (L to R) are Karen Gallagher, David Schumm and Tom Turnbull.

Term Expires 2020

Jason A. Beals
Jason Kunsman
Diana L. Savage

Term Expires 2021

George G. Brown
Diana Moore Eschhofen
Stephen Hess

Term Expires 2022

Karen K. Gallagher
David Schumm
Thomas L. Turnbull

 Dean Spangler and Connie Tipton were each recognized for their 20 years of dedicated service to the Foundation and the community. Dean has served on numerous Foundation committees and was BAF Chairman from 2010-2012. Connie has served the Foundation as a trustee for three terms and currently serves as the chair of the Grant Committee. Thank you Dean and Connie for 20 years of service to the Foundation and the community!


James R. Bard
Bruce O. Benedict
Scott G. Benedict
Julie A. Brown
Wayne Carlin
Michael Culler
Christopher Cullis
Carolyn Sharrock-Dorsten
Emily Ebaugh
Laura Eckharadt
Betty Franks

Ralph W. Gallagher
Larry Harsila
Thomas M. Herman
Albert H. Horn, Jr.
Kimberly Imm
Michael Johnson
Martin Killgallon, III
Bruce Manett
William G. Martin
Nancy K. Merillat
Amy Miller
Mark Miller
David C. Newcomer
Glen L. Newcomer
E. Clifford Oberlin, III
Elizabeth Pool

David Reiser
C. Gregory Spangler
Dean L. Spangler
William Steel
J.T. Stelzer
George E. Stockman
Mary Thaman
Jodi Tinkel
Constance M. Tipton
John G. Toner
Kirkland Vashaw
Stephen R. Voigt
James C. Woods, III