Project 2020 began as the 2020 Club, a donor giving circle in which donors became “investors” by purchasing “shares.” Through small but consistent donations, the 2020 Club raised money to establish a major initiative in the community that will positively impact and improve the quality of life in Bryan for now and generations to come.

Each shareholder must commit to donate an annual amount equal to a minimum of 12 shares. The cost of a share is $50. Shareholders receive one (1) vote per share and may give their proxy to any other shareholder. There is no maximum amount of shares that can be owned.

Capturing the charitable spirit of the community, this group challenges the current and next generation of leaders to step forward and actively engage in making Bryan a great place to call home. If you would like more information on participating in the 2020 Club please contact the office at 419-633-1156.

2020 Club Shareholder Form