In 1969, two men conceived the idea of a community foundation that would serve the Bryan area. Lemuel L. Hawk, director and senior vice president of The Aro Corporation, and John B. Dwyer, III, attorney and president of Citizens National Bank, called together a close group of associates and formed what would become the Bryan Area Foundation.

The Bryan Area Foundation is a publicly supported community foundation, using donations to accomplish diverse philanthropic goals. By working through the Foundation, donors can make a significant difference in the life of their community.

Today the Bryan Area Foundation has over $29 million in assets and oversees 351 separate funds. More importantly over the last 50 years, the Foundation has distributed over $13.4 million in grants and scholarships.

The Bryan Area Foundation is governed by a board of trustees and also serves as the administrator of the Edon, Montpelier and Millcreek-West Unity Area Foundations.

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During the Foundation’s history, the following people have served as Chairman of the Board:

  • Lemuel Hawk 1969-1975
  • Theodore Spangler 1975-1981
  • Bruce Benedict 1981-1986
  • Richard Reed 1986-1991
  • Wayne Shaffer 1991-1996
  • Thomas Herman 1996-2001
  • C. Gregory Spangler 2001-2004
  • Kay Jackson 2004-2006
  • James Bard 2006-2008
  • Julie A. Brown 2008-2010
  • Dean L. Spangler 2010-2012
  • Ralph W. Gallagher 2012-2014
  • James C. Wood, III 2014-2016
  • William G. Martin 2016-2018
  • Pamela Bard Steel 2018-2020
  • Michael A. Shaffer 2020-2022

FOUNDATION HONORS CHARTER MEMBERS – In 1995 the Bryan Area Foundation honored 10 members for 25 years of dedicated service to the Foundation. Seated from left, Dr. H.R. Mayberry, Richard Reed and Grant Brown; standing, Bill Weaver, Randolph Bard, Wayne Shaffer, George Isaac, Bruce Benedict, Ford Cullis and Ted Spangler.